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Isoclima solutions are the heroes of several major ambitious architectural projects for industry and retail

Florida Supreme Court Ballistic Glass.jpeg

Above: Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. This building uses ballistic glass with supergray tint that is supplied by Isoclima, Dlubak, and Global Security Glazing.

Your innovative transparent solutions.

World leader on the high-performance glazing solutions scene, the Isoclima brand stands for excellence in the development of stylish, design-packed products engineered to provide security on land, sea, and in the air.

Research and development, know-how, and unbeatable production quality come together in the development of innovative solutions, built and tailored to the customer's demands, for results that reflect the highest industry standards.

A highly experienced team, and a widespread international presence, make Isoclima the go-to experts in the industry, constantly seeking new solutions to revolutionize the "transparent protection" market.

Isoclima Products

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Keeping kids safe.

CHILDGARD® security glazing is constructed using a unique arrangement of proprietary transparent materials. CHILDGARD safety glass is attack resistant glass designed to withstand extensive physical attack in a forced entry scenario, ultimately resisting entry until law enforcement or additional help arrive. 

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Via Alessandro Volta, 14 - 35042 Este (PD) Italy


Isoclima: +39 0429 632501
Dlubak: 800-336-0562
Global Security Glazing: 


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