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Access Architectural Hardware

Unique and custom push pull hardware that adds a beautiful accent to any door.

Above: Standard ladder pull system on a glass door.

Push-pull hardware that excites.

Access Architectural Hardware is a US Company located in the heartland of America. They have over 75 years of experience manufacturing and supplying premium quality architectural push pull hardware and other hardware designed to be used in the commercial door, glass and aluminum industry.


They possess an extensive manufacturing facility with bending, welding, metal finishing, and CNC machining capabilities. They pride themselves on our ability to interpret, design and fabricate a wide variety of custom architectural handles and related products. They have developed a reputation within their industry for providing high quality products at competitive prices and lead times that meet their customer’s requirements.


Access Architectural Hardware is the exclusive manufacturer of “Smart Touch” and “Smart Grip” exit devices for all glass and framed door applications.

Access Architectural Hardware Products

Click on the image of each product to learn more.


Have a question about Access products?

Contact Access Architectural Hardware directly, or speak to a Access Architectural Hardware representative at Seawall today.


P.O. Box 517
Keokuk, IA 52632


Phone: 319-208-7822

Fax: 319-208-7708


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